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Extramoenia in Salentoweb television : interview on INTRANSITU project , October 2007.

Intramoenia Extrarte on National television 'NONSOLOMODA' 2007

Quartieri Spagnoli: meeting with women to discuss 'Terremotus Femmineus' Project in Naples,Italy, April 2008

Video of the Exhibition Multiple Entries in Spoleto 2008 brief tour of solo Museum exhibiton .

INTRANSITU by independent film~maker Carlo Michele Schirinzi,2008

'Il filo di Arianna' RaiTRE news service.Italy, on exhibition,February 2009

In Ordine Sparso ' RaiTRe News service,Italy ,September 2009

Multiple Entries on Vimeo by Steven Feld

Il Sangue Delle Donne Bari 2019-interview

Filoxenia   (rai italian television) march 2023 

View the  YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MAKE ART NOT WALLS projects with asylum seekers: 

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