1981 Solander Gallery, Canberra, Australia

1982 Montmatre Gallery, Canberra, Australia

1983 L'Atelier, Alexandria, Egypt

1985 Istituto Italiano, Cairo, Egypt - Cavafy Hall, Greek Consulate, Alexandria, Egypt

1986 Graffiti-Now Atelier, Verona, Italy

1989 'Chasing shadows' @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Curitiba, Brazil

1990 Museum of Art of Joinville, Santa Caterina, Brazil @ Anita Malfatti Cultural Space, Curitiba, Brazil

1992 'Stealing Fire' @ Tabula Rasa Cultural Association, Rome

1993 'Home, Europe' @ Demarco Art Foundation, Edinburgh, Scotland

1994 'Four Banners For Four Poems' @ Tron Kirk, Festival of Edinburgh - @'Visionfest' Picton Library, Central Library, Liverpool, England -'Floresta' @The View Gallery, Liverpool - Recent Works' @ Norrie-Toch Studios, Gullane, Scotland -'Artist For a Week' @ Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

1995' Recent Works' @ Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh

1996 'Sosta' @ Sale Clitunno, Trevi, Italy

1998 'Open Books' @ Geografica Studio, Augsburg, 

1999 'Atopia' @ Il Politecnico Gallery, Rome curated by Massimo Scaringella


Woman Looking at Woman @ Miralli Gallery, Viterbo, Italy

 'Atopia', @ House of Art, University of Ankara, Turkey - Italian Cultural Institute, Istanbul - Italian Consulate, Izmir .


'Cento Passi', ass. Culturale Futuro, Rome, -

'Potrait of the Artist as an Atopian' @ Atelierart International, New York


 Landing in Accra @ National Museum of Accra, Ghana - Alliance Francaise Gallery Kumasi, Ghana - Sala Uno, Rome, Italy - Palazzo Calabrese, Viterbo, Italy


 'Europe paints Ghana' @ National Theatre Exhibition Hall , Accra, Ghana. -?

The Memory Room @ Shopafrik, Ghana.


 Seven Steps from Anomabo @ Dubois Centre for Pan African Culture, Accra-Goldfield @ Alliance Francaise , Kumasi- Living Go(l)d @ Alliance Francaise, Enugu , Nigeria, curated by PA.C.A. (in The Nude Never Sleeps, Afrika Heritage).


 The Loom Gallery, Accra, Ghana, June curated by FrancisAdemola-' Shoreline' @ Palazzo Trinci, Foligno, Italy, curated by Italo Tomassoni


 'Blues For Charlie ' @ Goethe Institute, Accra, Ghana- 'Landing in Accra' @ Palazzo Cassotto, Modena, Italy, curated by 'Oltrelab'- 'Awanwandain-Postcolonial' @ Wunderkammerrn, Spello, Italy, curated by Franco Ottavianelli.


Topographies of the Dark @Alliance Francaise , Accra, Ghana.-The Castaways Project @ Whitworth Art Gallery at Manchester University, U.K - Exposures @ St Stephens Cultural Centre, Rome.-Exposures @ School of Advanced Research (SAR) Santa Fe,New Mexico- Exposures@ Peck School of Art, Wisconsin, USA.


Open Studio  @Hill Crescent. Nima Accra ,Ghana.~ Still /Moving @ Sofitel, Bologna,Italy~Multiple Entries-Africa and Beyond @ City Gallery of Modern Art ,Spoleto, Italy, in the 51° International Festival of Two Worlds curated by Cecilia Metelli with text by  Achille Bonito Oliva.


Floating Wastelands' Installation @ Hotel Cerretani , Florence, Italy.-'Castaways Projects and Topographies of The Dark' @ Spazio Ottagoni, Rome, curated by Giuseppe Salerno.-'Aerial' @ Kyo Art Gallery,Viterbo, Italy, curated by Antonella Pissilli.


 'Water Spirit' @ Galerie Amani de Leon N'Guetta, Abidjan,Ivory Coast.-Surfacing' @Institut Léopold Sédar Senghor, Dak'art Senegal, invited by Yacouba Konaté on occasion of Dakar Biennal,May-June- 'Exposures-A White Woman in Africa' @ Biennale of Malindi,Kenya, curated by Sarenco and Achille Bonito Oliva.


'Intransitu' @Dovecot Studios curated by G.Caroppo di Monterisi, Edinburgh,Scotland, March - in association with the Italian Cultural Institute.read here~Waiting for Something to Happen' @ Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary Art,Trevi Umbria, curated by Mathilde Martinetti, March.~Layered Landscapes'@ Villa Montani Della Fargna, Umbria ~'Transitions' @ Castello di Poreta, Umbria, curated by Anne Wood-Metelli.~InTransitu. Installation in 'Pino Pascali-Ritorno a Venezia'. @Palazzo Michael Brusa' - 54th International Biennale of Venice, Official Event ,sponsored by the Apulia region, curated By Giusy Caroppo di Monterisi and Achille Bonito Oliva.


8 Peace Diamonds'  Showroom exhibit @ Galerie Cecile Fakhoury, Abidjan.


\Shift/Rue Du Commerce, @ Cantiere Oberdan for LaMama Spoleto Open, Festival of Spoleto, Italy. June~ @ St Stephens Cultural Centre Rome September~October / with text by Manuela De Leonardis. 

I LOVE YOU  @ 1OPERA Gallery Naples, curated by Tatafiore,iIrpi and Ruffo.September October .~

Surfacing, @ Freemocco'sHouse,Deruta,curated by Attilio Quintali with text by Antonella Pesola and Virginia Bruzzone--nMuseo Archeologico, Arezzo, Italy as part of ICASTICA


 Fluid Tales @ Museo Pino Pascali, Italy, curated by Lia Del Venere, April~May

-Espace A' Louer @ Galerie Cecile Fakhoury, Ivory Coast May~June-

Bassam Jam @ Mondo Musique, Foligno (AMACI Giornata del Contemporaneo) October

Shift/Rue Du Commerce@ ARTEDECO and  Palazzo Eustachi,Terni,Italy,September curated by Franco Profili 

Emersioni' @ Trebisonda Centro Per L'Arte Contemporanea, curated by Alessandra Migliorati


Vous Etes Ici  @ Musee de La Patrimoine Culturel , Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast February/March 


 I Will Shield You @Gallery Montoro12, Rome, curated by Ursula Hawlitschka (catalogue texts Ursula Hawlitschka, Achille Bonito Oliva, Osei Bonsu) May and  the   Pinacoteca di Trevi, Umbria.August


Biografia Plurale,Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Italy curated by Ivan Bargna and Maurizio Coccia -

'Selling Dreams' Janet Clayton Gallery,Sydney Australia ('Head On' International Photo Festival)

Selection from 'I Will Shield You' Tempio di Adriano/Temple of Hadrian, Rome 25th October ,courtesy Montoro12 on occasion of private event by designer Monica Bi.

'Boucliers' Virginia Ryan and Rene Pena,curated by Mariateresa Setaro, director of TRIAD Foundation (London), as special project for AKKA Fair 2017, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, November 


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